Established in 1973 by the Benedini family in Verona and subsequently relocated to Mantua, Agape owes much of its aesthetics, innovation and passion to its crucial geographical position between Milan, Veneto and Emilia. Founded with the vocation of creating new ways of interpreting the bathroom, the company today sets a benchmark for contemporary furniture. Under Agape’s expert guidance the bathroom shifts from functional space to emotional centre of the home, becoming a dynamic and rejuvenating environment devoted to personal wellbeing. Since its beginning, an innate talent for design combined with a desire for exchange and dialogue with the very best in Italian manufacture have made Agape one of the most interesting examples of the Made in Italy brand. Time, light, form and matter, a comprehensive and revolutionary vision for contemporary living for over 40 years.




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Via Po Barna 69
46031 Correggio Micheli Bagnolo
San Vito Mantova





Agape and Studiopepe continue their collaboration, for long time linked by affinity of thought on contemporary living. Agape and Agapecasa will be among the protagonists of  “Club Unseen” through iconic pieces and bespoke products designed by Studiopepe.