Present in Tuscany, in the Montelupo Fiorentino area, since the first half of the Nineteenth Century, Bitossi testifies to the excellence of a region in which the manufacturing tradition dates back to as early as the Thirteenth Century. Now bearing the name of Bitossi Ceramiche - has belonged to the family for five generations and it has been located in the same headquarters since 1921. Until the end of the 1940’s, the Bitossi production reflected the traditional taste bound to the local production. The company’s stylistic evolution began only afterwards, with the arrival of Aldo Londi: a man with an innate sense of creativity and aesthetics, and with an eye for the evolution of taste. Exported worldwide, his creations bear witness still today to the excellence of made-in-Italy design. The company – currently led by Cinzia Bitossi and under the artistic direction of her daughter, Ginevra Bocini, the last generation of the Bitossi family – has recently asked leading designers such as Bethan Laura Wood, Dimore Studio and Benjamin Hubert to reinterpret the company’s production and values. Bitossi Ceramiche is part of the Colorobbia Group, which consists of internationally operating companies.




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