Erich Ginder Studio is a Seattle-based design practice founded in 2004 that brings an imaginative and innovative approach to projects at all scales. In his work, which spans furniture, objects, consulting, and interiors, designer Erich Ginder investigates the potential in unconventional materials—coaxing poetry and a sense of mystery in his expressive forms.

By balancing technological innovation with meticulous handwork and an artist’s approach to problem solving, Ginder creates imaginative objects that reward close contemplation. His meticulous attention to detail leads to an understated luxury rooted in simplicity and quality.

Working from his Capitol Hill studio, Ginder taps into the local manufacturing community and its proximity to a wealth of raw materials to create rigorously considered work that adds a touch of artistry and wonder to even the most functional of objects.



1914 2nd Avenue
Seattle, Washington
98101 USA





For his first-ever Milan Design Week presentation, Erich Ginder was invited by Studiopepe to present two furniture designs within Club Unseen, the Italian firm’s invite-only bar concept.

Open to select industry insiders, the installation showcases the flexibility of Seattle-based designer Erich Ginder’s Labyrinth table and Hypnosis screen in a pop-up hospitality setting—one key interests of Ginder’s growing interior design practice.